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DBZ in a Nutshell DBZ in a Nutshell

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Why are you all voting so high?

All he did was download a full episode of DBZ and post it on newgrounds as if he created it.

I remember this episode on YTV. There is no way in hell you could of created a plot as involved and complex as this!


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In Memory of 911 In Memory of 911

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Notradamus never said that.

The first quote about a great thunder that will tear apart two brothers wasnt even from notradamus. The funniest thing is that its actually a quote from an essay that was discounting notradamus. It was a sentance the author created to show how vague notradamus was and that the sentance could be used in a ton of situations over 1000 years.

I just think its funny that people are quoting notradamus and acting scared only to be quoting an essay that is disproving Notradamus.

The essay was wrote I think in 1998... anyways do a search on and you will find that only the essay has that quote not notradamus's writings.

Further, its nice that your thinking about the people and the horrid terrorist act but these WTC movies are teetering on exploitation of the event for ... small fame as you get a high rating.. Anyways these are filled with no content just flash of the buildings blowing up and you even had a shot of a person falling to their death... why would you show that? What if it was your father or mother or friend?

The only WTC movie so far with any warrant is the one asking for people to donate blood.

"From my Room" "From my Room"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is to good for newgrounds.

I dont think you've visited newgrounds before. Its a place where kids post their movies where people bleed and women being naked is the butt of many a joke.

If this movie was created by a real newgrounds watcher or movie creator the symbolism would of been removed, it would of been drawn with stick men or single images that have been tweened for movement, the kid would of either been killed or the ghost would of been, the music would of been Korn.

Enough said, the fact that your movie was accepted even under these conditions just really shows how much it shines.

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Monkey Capture Monkey Capture

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an amazing entry.

You really have to play it from start to finish. The endind is great! It was actually a great story line for a game (better then 95% of the movies on the portal too :). I wont give away the ending I will let you see it for yourself because the graphics are pleasing to look at to say the least. Great Work, I give you a 5/5 on the portal scale.

You should make the game easier though so that people can play the whole thing. I actually ended up cheating because I couldnt beat the latter levels or even come close to beating them.

Again, Great work.

Majick Trick Majick Trick

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Great style and delivery but its ripped.

I have seen about 30 websites on the internet with this exact trick. It never tricked me then either :)

The thing is you got the trick wrong too.
The idea is to LINE THE CARDS up. This way you see black, red, black, red, black, red and it trickes your mind into not paying attention to colour but rather just numbers. The diamond formation doesnt have this effect.

But hey, I gave you a 3 because I liked your style, very nice layout. And hey, I am just a nice guy.

P.S. I believe there was also a wide-spread chainmail letter sent around linking to a site that had this trick too. Just saying be original.

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